With the help of Rendimees 24 you have the opportunity to:

Use temporary workers only when necessary.

Reduce HR department and recruitment costs.

Be free from the employer's liability to the authorities.

Cooperate legally with foreign personnel without fines and risks.

Save on taxes and holiday pay.


It's easy! All you have to do is tell us how many and what kind of qualified workers you need, and all further processes will be organised by recruitment specialists of Rendimees 24.

Once our diligent recruitment specialists select the right staff, these workers will be officially registered as employees of Rendimees 24. After that the recruited staff will be able to work for your company under a personnel lease agreement.

No obligations

As the workers are officially employed by our recruitment company, and you only use the service, the functions or responsibilities of an employer do not apply to you. What could make finding personnel even easier?



With the help of Rendimees 24, you will quickly find experienced workers with golden hands and a good education, depending on the location and needs of your production facility. And your staff will arrive at your company within 2-4 weeks after submitting the initial request.


Our leased personnel consists of good and reliable workers. In order for them to feel comfortable at work and contribute to the maximum, Rendimees 24 makes every effort to ensure that the correct paperwork, documents, transport and accommodation of the workers are organised impeccably.


If necessary, the leased specialists and workers will be managed and supervised by a manager of Rendimees 24, who will be responsible for quality and result of the work. He will also help to overcome communication or language barriers when needed.


Leased personnel will suit the needs of your company if:

  • you urgently need temporary personnel;
  • you do not know where and how to look for workers;
  • you do not want to register personnel as your employees or to be liable for them as an employer;
  • you want to reduce the risks associated with the use of foreign workers;
  • you do not want to waste time and effort searching for and selecting employees.

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